clear advantages with the Armwunder

Feel-good massage or intensive trigger point massage with the Armwunder

✔️ Massage forearm muscles pleasantly, without your own effort, on the relaxed muscle.

✔️ Pleasant and intense deep fascia massage

✔️ Easily adjust the massage pressure individually

✔️ Unique: massage simultaneously from above and below

✔️ Intensity that you can hardly achieve with normal foam rollers!

✔️ Choose between different massage elements!

✔️Made in Germany!

Just right for you!

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As simple as possible!

You know yourself how complex this is

Anyone who has ever worked with fascia rollers and balls knows how laborious and awkward it is to work with them. bending, contorting, pressing with the weight on the fascia roller, do you recognize yourself?

With the Armwunder, it's something completely different, because the Armwunder takes all the time-consuming work off your hands and makes the intensive massage as easy as possible.

The Armwunder takes self-massage to a whole new level!
Get the most out of your home

Decide for yourself how important you are to yourself!

If you don't do anything, nothing will get better!

With the Armwunder you can only win:

No impossible contortions and pressing on fascia rollers, just use it comfortably while sitting and enjoy. The Armwunder does the work for you!

Away from time-consuming appointments with the masseur, towards self-determined massage, whenever and however long you feel like it. At work, at hobby or at home on the sofa.

Everyone has different massage needs and can individually adjust the massage elements and massage pressur
Choose your right Armwunder

Even experts are enthusiastic

many areas of application

Intensive massage:

  • Forearm extensor muscles

  • Forearm flexor muscles

  • Biceps + triceps

  • Trigger point massage

  • Fascia massage

  • Thumb saddle joint

Check out how the arm miracle works:

Pleasantly gentle or intensive massage of the forearm muscles, fascia and trigger points!

✔️If you just want to massage your muscles gently and carefully, you've come to the right place with the Armwunder!

✔️If you want to go a little more and to your limits, this also works great with the Armwunder!

✔️Start with gentle pressure on your muscles right at the beginning so that they can get used to this form of massage!

✔️ Sit comfortably, e.g. on a chair or on the sofa!

✔️ Place the frame of the Armwunder on your thigh, hold the upper frame in the middle with your free hand!

✔️ Slowly move the arm to be massaged between the massage elements!

✔️Using the spring pressure mechanism, you decide how much pressure you put on your muscles, fascia and trigger points and how deep you go!

✔️ Enjoy and relax!

Discover the ARMWUNDER now!